Andrew Jackson.

Everybody knows Jackson from the 20 dollar bill, but few know of his legacy. Jackson was truly a man for the people. He was the first president not born in either Virginia or Maryland. Born to a modest family, he was orphaned at the age of 13. Jackson sported a scar on his forehead which he received from an English officer's sword after refusing to shine the man's shoes. He and his brother were prisoners of war at a young age where his brother died of disease, for the rest of his life he carried a bitter hate for the British.

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Soon Enough Jackson was able to prove himself against great odds. He put together a rag-tag American Army made up of pirates,ex slaves, and other New Orleans' locals. Jackson and this squad would later defeat the mighty Briish army who had just recently defeatted Napolean at Waterloo.

This success on the battle field along with his coutry charm. he was known to have faught in several gun fights mortaly wounding a man in a duel, placed him highly in the public's opinion.

When he took office, Jackson revolutionized the role of the executive branch. Jackson tipped the checks and balances of the president by not enforcing supreme court decisions that he did not agree with. (Cherokees vs. State of Georgia).